Driving Growth: With Our SEO Services, JCM Greenhouse Attained 3,200 New Website Visitors in Just 90 Days.

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JCM Greenhouse


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Residential, commerical greenhouse kits, and greenhouse supplies


Residential, Commerical

Client Background: JCM Greenhouse, a renowned greenhouse supplier, sought our digital marketing expertise to enhance their online presence and attract more qualified leads. They faced challenges related to limited website traffic, outdated on-page SEO, and website issues that arose during a site rebuild.

Challenges Faced: JCM Greenhouse encountered the following challenges:

Limited website traffic: The client’s website struggled to generate significant organic traffic, hindering their growth potential.

Outdated on-page SEO:

The on-page SEO elements of the website were outdated and lacked optimization, resulting in missed opportunities to rank for relevant keywords.

Website rebuild setback: During a website rebuild, JCM Greenhouse inadvertently deleted previous on-page optimizations, leading to a temporary setback in search engine rankings and organic visibility.

Strategies Implemented: To address the challenges faced by JCM Greenhouse and maximize their online presence, our digital marketing team implemented a strategic approach that included the following key strategies:

On-Page SEO Optimization:

We conducted a thorough analysis of JCM Greenhouse’s website and identified areas for improvement. We optimized meta tags, headings, and content to align with relevant keywords and search intent. Additionally, we revamped their website structure to enhance user experience and search engine visibility.

High-Quality Backlinks:

To improve the website’s authority and organic rankings, we implemented a robust link-building campaign. By acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative industry websites, directories, and relevant publications, we enhanced JCM Greenhouse’s online credibility and visibility.

Content Marketing:

We developed a content marketing strategy focused on creating high-quality blog posts and informative resources. By addressing topics related to greenhouse gardening, tips for plant care, and industry trends, we aimed to attract and engage their target audience while establishing JCM Greenhouse as a reliable source of expertise.

SEO Results Achieved:

Despite the setback faced during the website rebuild, the collaborative efforts between JCM Greenhouse and our digital marketing agency yielded remarkable results:

New Visitor Growth: Within 90 days of implementing our strategies, JCM Greenhouse witnessed a significant increase in new website visitors. The revamped SEO efforts and targeted backlinking campaigns resulted in a notable surge of 3,200 new visitors to their website.

Enhanced Organic Visibility:

By optimizing on-page SEO elements and building high-quality backlinks, JCM Greenhouse experienced improved search engine rankings and enhanced organic visibility. This, in turn, drove targeted traffic to their website, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers actively searching for greenhouse solutions.

Continued Website Optimization:

Despite the temporary setback during the site rebuild, we quickly adapted and resumed optimizing the website. Our team continued to address website issues, reinstate on-page optimizations, and rectify any technical shortcomings to ensure optimal performance and user experience.

Conclusion: Despite the challenges faced during the website rebuild, our strategic digital marketing efforts resulted in significant progress for JCM Greenhouse. The collaboration between our agency and JCM Greenhouse demonstrated the importance of ongoing optimization and adaptability. The achieved growth in new website visitors showcases the effectiveness of our tailored on-page SEO, high-quality backlinking, and content marketing strategies.

JCM Greenhouse is now well-positioned to attract and engage their target audience, positioning themselves as a leader in the greenhouse industry. We are proud to have played a part in their digital success story and look forward to continuing our partnership, driving further growth and maximizing their online potential.

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As your brand grows and you gain more visibility, it’s likely that you will attract more and more clients who actively seek you out based on your reputation alone. Personal branding puts your name into the world and allows potential clients to get to know you and your work before they approach you. Many entrepreneurs underprice themselves because they’re unknown. Getting a well-paid job requires you to be able to demonstrate your skills, and personal branding, along with a consistently updated platform, allows you to showcase your work uniquely.
By offering clients a chance to see what they’re potentially paying for, you can charge premium pricing and earn more for your time. The value of a network comes from the connections you make with others. Having a personal brand that is easily searchable allows the media to find you and sets you up as an expert.

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These days, much of this two-way communication takes place on the web. When people shop online, CRO takes on the role of a virtual salesperson who focuses on continual improvement, testing new tactics to deliver the right data, at the right time, to the right people, and most importantly, urging customers to act. In fact, CRO, an acronym for conversion rate optimization, is a science so precise, it borders on art. While it varies from business to business, it essentially involves increasing your conversion rate by encouraging users to visit your site to take specific actions like purchasing a product, downloading an eBook, or subscribing to a newsletter.

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